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ifm electronic measures water flow rates with precision and convenience

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Accurate and reliable flow rate measurement for water, including ultrapure water, at up to 1000 litres per minute is easily achieved with the new SU Puresonic flow sensor from ifm electronic. Since this innovative sensor uses ultrasonic technology, it delivers results that are not influenced by the conductivity of the water, making it an ideal choice for use in water filtration and purification systems as well as in more general applications where precision and dependability are key requirements.

These new sensors use a stainless steel measuring pipe free of measuring elements, seals or moving parts. This means no additional restriction to the flow is introduced by the sensor and the risk of leaks and/or blockages, which can occur in mechanical flow measurement systems, is eliminated. As a further aid to reliable operation, the sensors also incorporate a self-monitoring system. This can be used to alert users to, for example, increases in particulate matter in the medium or to the build-up of deposits on the inner wall of the measuring pipe.

SU Puresonic sensors are available with G1 and 1” NPT process connections and a measuring range of 1 to 240 litres per minute, and with G2 and 2” NPT connections and a measuring range of 5 to 1000 litres per minute. All versions have an IO-Link output that provides comprehensive real time data for flow rate, medium temperature and sensor status, as well as a 4-20 mA analogue output, a pulse output, a switching output and a diagnostic output.

Compact construction means that installation is straightforward, even in applications where space is restricted, such as on water manifolds with a 50 mm pitch. Set up is equally straightforward as, unlike clamp-on devices, SU Puresonic sensors offer plug-and-play operation with no need to make adjustments for pipe material and wall thickness.


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