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New Inosoft HMI software VISIWIN version 2022-2

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With its completely open architecture, Inosoft HMI software allows to create open solutions based on standards thus offering unlimited HMI possibilities. Nevertheless, machine manufacturers don’t have to dispense with the countless configurable system functions.

VisiWin is constantly further developed—many VisiWin features originate from the close relationship with our customers. Your requirements and good ideas are always appreciated and, if possible, implemented in VisiWin.

The new VisiWin 7 version 2022-2 is now available for download . The setup includes the following components:

IDE (Visual Studio integration included) (new)

  • Runtime system 7.3 RC3 (new)
  • Runtime system 7.2 SP17 (new)
  • Runtime system 7.1 SP1
  • Runtime system 7.0 SP6

The version offers optimizations of already existing features and various new functions. They include, for example, usability improvements of the PLC-controlled dynamization of user interfaces and new, integrated on-screen keyboards for web-based applications. Moreover, it is now possible to edit the displayed user interface texts in the running application. This comes in handy when translation errors are found during the machine’s initial operation—there is no need to interrupt the process.

The VisiWin user management is more flexible now: In many cases, manufacturing plants already have a user administration, which should be used for the HMI software, too. Using an open API, VisiWin detects and utilizes user accounts via external systems such as Simatic Logon or LogOnPlus by i.p.a.s-systeme. These systems are widespread among manufacturing companies due to their special features such as intelligent management of electronic ID cards, for example. Login procedures are now quicker, easier, and more secure.


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