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New “all in one” multi-axis drive for the DMC-41×3 and DMC-40×0

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Galil is proud to introduce a new “all in one” multi-axis drive for the DMC-41×3 and DMC-40×0 product families. This all in one drive module is perfect for customers who want have the ability to use one configuration in multiple applications or mix and match motors on the same bank of drives. This drive is available in 2 and 4 axis configurations.

This amplifier is unique in that it can run either servo or stepper motors on any axis. The AMP-43547 can be configured for all of the motors below with just a few commands.

•3-phase Brushless Motors

•Brushed Motors

•Stepper Motors

•2-phase Brushless Motors

The supply voltage for this exciting new drive module is 20-80V. The brushless or brushed configuration has a continuous current of 8 Amps and a peak current of 15 Amps. The stepper configuration has a rated max current of 6 Amps per phase with a step resolution of 256 microsteps per full step.

The AMP-435×7 is ideal for users who want to mix and match axes, or for users with multiple applications that simply want to keep one part number in stock.The AMP-435×7 is available for purchase right now!


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