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SINAMICS Smart Access Module for SINAMICS G converter series

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The SINAMICS Smart Access Module enables you to wirelessly connect your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to the SINAMICS G120, G120C, G120X and G115D converters.

As a result, you benefit from a powerful tool providing numerous functions for wireless
commissioning, diagnostics and service. It takes only a few steps to set up the module.

About the web server approach there is no need to install or download additional software. A common web browser and operating system are sufficient. The SINAMICS Smart Access Module comes with an intuitive user interface for easy configuration and operation.

Commissioning – wireless and clever

• SINAMICS G series converters are simply and quickly commissioned in series.
• Intuitive and easy menu guidance
• Enter Siemens motor code for motor data recognition
• Macros to simplify I/O configuration and provide appropriate settings
• Common and frequently used parameters are settable (e.g. acceleration, deceleration, max./min. speed, etc.)
• New application setup to easily configure branch specificfunctionality (e.g. pumps and fans, conveyors, etc.)

All parameters and settings at a single glance

• Quick search and filtering by functional parameter groups
• Frequently used parameters are saved and easily changed in “My parameters”
• Parameters can quickly be set to default settings
• Parameters are saved to the converter or smart access module

Motor testing – easily set and modify the motor speed

• Motor speed and direction are adjustable
• Motor can be set to JOG mode or continuous operation with ON/OFF control
• Converter settings are testable

User-friendly maintenance and monitoring

• Most important real time data is viewed at a glance, e.g. speed, current, voltage, power, temperature, etc.

Easy converter diagnostics

• Intuitive and easy help guidance
• An overview of alarms, faults and status is provided
• Fault codes are directly transferred to your local service company
• Status of all inputs and outputs (digital and analog) are viewable at a glance
• Product information, documentation, FAQs, and contact partners are quickly accessible via mobile devices
• Customer support is easily contactable via integrated e-mail access

More than mere storage – data is easily stored and shared

• Converter settings can be backed up in parameter files on your SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module
• Converter data allows to be shared and sent to other devices for multiple use
• Converter settings are restorable from the parameter files on SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module or received via server or e-mail transfer on your mobile device


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