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Customization for automation products by
Panasonic Industry

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Panasonic Industry offers not only state-of-the-art products for a variety of industrial sectors. A comprehensive service portfolio is an additional reason customers choose Panasonic Industry for reliable, innovative products.

To optimize the setup and integration of new products into existing machines and solutions, the experts at Panasonic Industry offer a close exchange with customers to configure the most suitable customized solution in terms of product modification, packaging, labeling, and pre-assembly and additional features. The highest standards regarding quality and safety are assured thanks to multiple product tests that are meticulously documented.

At the core of the customization service is improving the product quality and assuring an advantage in the cost/performance ratio.

Through a customized component that fits seamlessly into a production environment, maintenance costs can be reduced, installation and setup times are faster, the risks of mismatches and other errors in an automated production process are minimized, the traceability of products is improved, and last but not least customized products are more environmentally friendly, since only a minimum of packaging material is being used for tailored, multi-unit packed components.

Customizations can include, for example modifying the connectors or specific cable length of products, pre-configuration of sensors, PLCs, or HMIs, multi-unit packaging of identical products, individual labeling of components, and pre-assembly of accessories or mounting material. Additionally, extended quality control to meet specific customer requirements like electrical tests, crimp height measuring, and mechanical stress tests can be realized by Panasonic Industry.


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