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BCS Tools 3.50 – Smart functions for intuitive software development

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Beijer Electronics has just released the new version 3.50 of BCS Tools, the CODESYS based software platform that introduces a wide range of great new features for engineering IEC 61131-3 compliant projects of all Beijer Electronics controllers and PLCs. .

Based on the market leading CODESYS 3.50 software, the BCS Tools platform combines classic controller application programming with the capabilities of modern and intuitive software development for controllers and PLCs in the IIOT and Industry 4.0 environment.

New features in BCS Tools 3.5 include:

  • Added Distributor I/O Configurator : Configure IO G-series in a graphical configurator for different fieldbuses like EtherCAT, Modbus TCP or serial.
  • Added BSD/BFI Configurator: Automatically generate the necessary function block, GVL and configurations.
  • Added Documents feature: Quick way to search for online help within BCS Tools.
  • Added Restore Points feature: Save the current state of the app and then restore to that state. Useful during startup if you start to make temporary changes to the application, with the ability to restore to a more initial stage.
  • Added export tags for iX Developer function Integrated BE Tag Tool functionality, possible to export variables to iX tags with syntax, create alarms, data logger and recipe imports.
  • Added Modbus Master compatibility with Nexto Xpress series and BCS-NX3008: CODESYS Modbus Maestro implementation
  • Added support for BCS-XP350 PLC with SoftMotion

BCS Tools, Nexto modular and Nexto Xpress compact controller are now based on CODESYS SP17 Patch 4.

BCS Tools includes many easy-to-use features for programming and configuring automation projects, and contains fully integrated back-end features such as compilers, debuggers, and variable tracking. With BCS Tools, an application can be developed, tested and launched without the need for additional tools.


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