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AS02HC-A high-speed counter for Delta AS and AX3 PLC

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Delta presents the new AS02HC-A high-speed counter extension module for AS and AX3 series PLCs, compatible with SSI and incremental encoder types.

This extension module adds two channels of 32-bit encoders to any AS/AX3 series PLC with the following specifications:

Two separate encoder channels can be configured in the following modes:


• Max frequency: 200kHz

• Modes: A/B/Z, UP/DOWN, pulse/direction

• Encoder signal types: Differential 5 V / NPN / PNP / Push-Pull


• Coding: binary and gray

High speed functions available for each encoder channel:

• Compare: Preset a compare value and compare it with the current value of the counter to configure a high speed output (2 outputs available for each channel).

• Capture – The count value is captured via a Z phase input trigger or a matched channel comparison trigger.

DIADesigner/ISPSoft offers a dedicated instruction set that simplifies the integration of AS02HC-A into an AS series application.

AS02HC-A can ONLY be mounted on the right side of AS/AX3 series PLC; however, it CANNOT be mounted to the CANopen or EtherNet/IP remote head.

Up to eight AS02HC-A can be mounted on a single AS/AX3 series PLC (the eight unit limitation affects all counter and position control extension modules)


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