Pilz at Hannover Messe 2023 Focus on machinery safety

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Under the guiding theme “Industrial Transformation – Making the Difference”, the focus for the Hannover Messe from 17-21 April 2023 will again be on high-tech and innovative solutions for overcoming global industrial challenges. In Hannover, Pilz will be showing how industry can be supported by reliable safety and security. The automation company will be presenting its control systems as the key to individually adaptable processes and solutions. In addition, the solution focus is on safe access management I.A.M. (Identification and Access Management) and the safe automation of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS). Highlight in 2023: The expert panel on “Safety and Industrial Security” as a platform for knowledge and mutual exchange on the Pilz stand. Issues relating to machinery safety throughout the plant and machine lifecycle take centre stage.

Against the background of the expert panel, in Hannover Pilz will be presenting its new training course “CESA – Certified Expert for Security in Automation” – providing a qualification as a security expert – as well as its new tailor-made service for validation.

What’s more, this year Pilz is celebrating its 75th anniversary: founded in 1948, the company has continuously transformed itself – from a glass-blowing business to an electronics company, to an automation and digitalisation company. Today it is the worldwide “Ambassador for safety” for human, machine and the environment.

PILZ expert panel – In-depth talk

Why is there no safety without security? What are the implications of the new EU Machinery Regulation? Pilz’s expert team will answer these and other machinery safety questions directly on the stand. Visitors can get information at a presentation appropriate for “them” – including “Functional safety standards – Changes to ISO 13849-1” or “Machinery Directive becomes the Machinery Regulation”. At the end, the experts will be available for further questions and individual discussions.

New qualification highlights industrial security

With the new requirements and normative specifications for industrial security, manufacturers, integrators and operators are faced with the question of how their staff can become qualified in this field. Pilz can provide support; it has extended its training offer for specialists to include training as a security expert. Central to the professional course “CESA – Certified Expert for Security in Automation” is knowledge surrounding the correct implementation of security in accordance with the normative requirements of machinery in accordance with IEC 62443 – from risk assessment through to safe operation of machinery. CESA enables those completing the course to implement security measures effectively. The professional course also helps companies to establish their security expertise.

Tailor-made validation

International safety directives and standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 stipulate the following: irrespective of how the function is structured, machine manufacturers or operators must regularly confirm that the safety design is implemented correctly via validation. However, the requirements can vary depending on the specific application – so what level of validation is necessary and sensible? As part of its presence at the trade fair, Pilz will be presenting its tailored service offer for Safety validation: Thanks to three different levels, it now enables a tailor-made validation, as far as scope and depth of the work is concerned. As a result, validation can be implemented individually to suit the requirement – for greater efficiency.

Safety & security for mobile safety and access management

Safety and security are enablers of modern industry. In Hannover, visitors to the Pilz stand can discover how best to reconcile productivity in material flow and safety. Pilz uses an AGVS model to illustrate how track-guided or freely navigating AGVS can enjoy comprehensive protection. PILZ also demonstrates how users are supported through digital “key-in-pocket” maintenance safeguarding. This protects the operator from an unauthorised machine restart during maintenance. Flexibility when implementing Identification and Access Management (I.A.M.) is another topic here: the access permission system PITreader card unit will also be at the trade fair. In conjunction with an industrial firewall such as SecurityBridge from Pilz, which monitors data communication within an industrial automation network, machinery can be protected from unauthorised access and tampering. The benefit: operators with RFID transponders in card or sticker format use it to identify themselves. Added value: you can also use RFID-enabled cards that are already available within the company. This simplifies operation, as users only need one card for multiple functions.

Pilz as partner for Asia Pacific

This year’s partner country of the Hannover Messe is Indonesia, which aims to be one of the world’s ten largest economies by 2030 – Industrie 4.0 is to be the driver. This will create incentive for investment in new technology, among other things. The Pilz subsidiary in South East Asia, founded in 2016 with its head office in Singapore, supports customers in the APAC (Asia Pacific) economic area, including with its consulting and services package for safety and engineering: “Initially, Pilz focused primarily on risk and plant assessment, safety concepts and safety assessment. These are all topics that were, and continue to be, well received by our customers – alongside our automation solutions”, says James Michael Large, Vice President Asia Pacific. Focus question here too: how to implement the correct safety standards for machinery and applications? Experts from Pilz Indonesia will be available in Hannover to talk personally with visitors to the Pilz stand.


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