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Local data processing, analysis and secure remote access

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More and more companies are using edge computing to exploit the benefits of local data processing. Siemens offer the products for this, the latest of which is SCALANCE LPE (local processing engine), the flexible local processing platform that’s open to your ideas.

Scalance LPE, a small and robust local processing engine with a powerful CPU can simultaneously run edge, cloud and security applications to significantly boost the efficiency of your plants.

It can collect data from subordinate machine cells and pre-process sensor data for analysis and monitoring. Scalance LPE can also flexibly run the Sinema Remote Connect Edge Client app to allow service technicians to easily access it remotely.

Scalance LPE will soon be integrated into the open Industrial Edge Ecosystem for managing devices and apps at scale

SCALANCE LPE is designed for use in temperatures ranging from –40°C to +60°C. The processing engine is fanless, provides a redundant power supply, and fits in any control cabinet thanks to its compact design. With its powerful CPU, SCALANCE LPE can handle multiple applications simultaneously. A wide range of approvals, including railway approval and hazardous Zone 2, extends its range of applications even further


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