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Portfolio enhancement Simotics S-1FT2 for Sinamics S120 and S210

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As of now, several new Simotics S-1FT2 servo motors for Sinamics S120 and Sinamics S210 series have been released for sales and delivery.

All these servo motors are optionally available with One Cable Connection (OCC) for operation on Sinamics S210 or with Two Cable Connection (2CC) for operation on Sinamics S120. In addition, they include a new length in SH63: Stall torque M0= 9 Nm, several new rated speeds for use with smaller converter modules and the extension of the OCC motor series range for Sinamics S210 by a 50 Nm variant.


  • 1) Possibility to use converters with lower rated current (smaller size), if the speed requirement allows this reduction.
  • 2) Extended torque range of Sinamics S210 motors up to 50 Nm in continuous operation and 150Nm at peak. (Previously 40Nm/120Nm).
  • 3) Increase of the replacement capability of Simotics S-1FT2 for S-1FK7 motors

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