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Rollon at the Hanover Fair 2023

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At the Hannover Messe 2023 from April 17th to 21st, Rollon will be presenting itself together with the other companies in the Industrial Motion division at the joint booth of the Timken Group. Under the motto «Stronger Together», the US technology group is pooling its technical expertise for a wide variety of markets and presenting innovative solutions for industrial movement technology.

Due to its diversified orientation, the Timken Group covers a very wide range of products and offers innovative solutions for a large number of applications and industries. The aim of the joint exhibition stand at the Hannover Messe 2023 is to use cross-brand synergy effects and thus be able to support customers even better. Around a dozen companies from the US group will be presenting themselves on 120 square meters at stand B39 in hall 6. The linear technology specialist Rollon is also on board.

Innovative linear technology

Rollon is one of the world’s leading full-service providers for solutions in the field of linear technology and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of linear guides, telescopic slides and linear axes. Based on its diverse portfolio, the company, in cooperation with system integrators and partners, implements flexible automation systems, economical system solutions and tailor-made concepts for all industries, applications and operating conditions.

Self-Aligning Linear Guides

Thanks to their self-aligning capability, the Compact RailParallelism errors of the mounting surfaces in one or two planes (axial and radial) can be compensated just as perfectly as a height offset or angular error between the guides. The linear guides with induction-hardened and ground raceways are also compact, low-maintenance, insensitive to dirt and dust and designed for high travel speeds (max. 9 m/s) and accelerations (max. 20 m/s 2 ) .

Heavy-duty telescopic rails

Rollon offers a variety telescopic slides, which cover almost all applications. The linear slides with ball and roller bearings as well as hardened raceways are characterized by a high resistance to shocks and vibrations and only show a small amount of deflection even under high loads. Telescopes are available as partial and full extensions as well as over-extensions with up to 200% of the closed guide length. Steel, aluminum and stainless steel versions are available.

Plug and play solution for fast UR integration

With the Cobot Transfer Unit (CTU)from Rollon, the range of UR robots can be increased quickly, easily and economically. The all-in-one package consists of a configurable linear axis including pre-assembled cables, a control cabinet and the software component for URCaps. It is UR+ certified, plug-and-play capable and intuitive to use. The result: more efficient utilization, more flexible processes and lower costs.

Portal and multi-axis systems: Faster, higher, further

It doesn’t always have to be a robot. In many cases, a combination of linear movements is even the more appropriate choice.Rollon multi-axis systemsbring the automation up to speed. They are extremely versatile, highly efficient, compact and have proven themselves in countless applications – from assembly systems and packaging systems to production lines with high cycle numbers and speeds.

You will find Rollon at the Hannover Messe 2023 in hall 6 at booth B39, the joint booth of the Timken group.


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