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Fully Programmable and Sustainable Direct Drive Solutions at Automate

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LinMot USA will showcase several of its eco-friendly solutions at Automate May 22-25 in Detroit. From industrial to IP69K hygienic applications, LinMot’s fully programmable electric motors and drives optimize production to meet sustainability goals while providing cost and energy savings. Key demonstrations will include the company’s new P10-54 D26 motor integrated with Rockwell’s Kinetix 5300 single axis servo drive, a pre-release of its DM pick-and-place with a rotary table and SM pick-and-place with electrical gripper.

Small but mighty, LinMot motors are able to achieve more output, with less input. Direct drives eliminate drive chain components, as well as inefficiencies. And, with each of the company’s offerings, there are an infinite selection of recipes at the user’s fingertips, making them a flexible solution that works application to application and lasts for years

LinMot will demonstrate how its versatile P10-54 D26 motor, integrated with Rockwell’s Kinetix 5300 single axis servo drive, opens the door for simple single axis control. This bridges the gap between smaller LinMot motors and the largest of its product lineup, the P10-70. Users can start up a single servo axis with minimum effort for applications such as product position control or packaging.

The company is also debuting its DM linear module pick-and-place unit, which boasts 30% faster speeds than its competition–all while being sold as a single part number. The unit will be displayed with a rotary table. Built for parts handling, this purpose-specific solution is ideal for industrial applications, all the way to food packaging and material handling.

Also being shown is the hygienic SM pick-and-place, which is designed to accommodate even the most demanding sanitary applications while providing washdown efficiency. It is designed with stainless steel, offers either IP69 or IP67S-rated protection and is easily integrated into washdown systems for food, baking, confectionary and personal care items.

Other demonstrations will include the following: an Edgewater Automation heavy-duty pick-and-place system with a low vertical clearance utilizing LinMot linear motors, a DM Module implementing closed-loop force control for product testing or assembly applications, and an example of an inline capping or pick-rotate-and-place application using a LinMot PR02-style linear rotary motor combined with a rigidly supported EM Module to provide the horizontal axis of travel.

“As sustainability efforts continue to gain momentum in the US and abroad, it’s more important than ever that each line component companies use match those efforts,” said Peter Zafiro, General Manager at LinMot USA. “LinMot’s electric and fully programmable solutions not only optimize efficiencies but are also better for the planet–it doesn’t get better than that.”

Visit LinMot USA in booth 4000 at Automate in Detroit May 22-25


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