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What is CODESYS SoftMotion Light SL?

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CODESYS SoftMotion Light allows you to command drives compatible with CiA 402 for movements of a single axis (not synchronized) or also called PTP (Pint to Point).

Unlike CODESYS SoftMotion and CODESYS SoftMotion CNC+Robotics, the calculation of the movements of the axes is not done inside the controller. With CODESYS SoftMotion Light, the servo movements are commanded and monitored (status) by the PLC and executed by the servo. The path calculation is done in the servo.

CODESYS SoftMotion Light is suitable for multi-axis applications for single-axis motion and for controller tasks that require low computing and bus load (CPU).

As motion is executed on the axes, both the controller and the fieldbus are downloaded. Only status updates and movement commands are sent via the fieldbus

The CODESYS SoftMotion Light software components (configurator, libraries, device descriptions and online help) are part of the standard configuration of the CODESYS Development System.

Function blocks available for single axis movements according to PLCopen:

  • MC_MoveAbsolute / MC_MoveRelative
  • MC_Movement speed
  • MC_Stop / MC_Stop
  • MC_Start

Other POUs and product components:

  • MC_Power/MC_Reset/MC_ReadStatus
  • SML_ReinitAxis / SML_ChangeAxisConfig
  • Display templates (analogous to SoftMotion)
  • Startup assistance (SML_StartupDrive)

Configuration example

In this example we are going to use a Delta AX-304ELA0 controller that allows Point to Point movement.

To do this, we added an ASDA-A2 Servo to the EtherCAT network of the project.

Once added and placing ourselves on it, «right mouse button» and select «Add SoftMotionLight Ci402 Axis»

This already creates the ServoDrive

We can enter your configuration

And we can also use the SoftMotion Light (SML) function library


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