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What is SIMATIC Project Insight?

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SIMATIC Project Insight offers a detailed engineering analysis through visualization of the project structure and flexible data filters.

SIMATIC Project Insight is a smart engineering data analytics solution that helps to uncover the anomalies of complex engineering projects.

The application example helps Standardizers, PLC Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, and Data Scientists with Static Analysis of Engineering Projects to enable faster orientation and quality improvements, thus saving time.

SIMATIC Project Insight analyzes TIA Portal V14 SP1, V16, V17 & V18 versions of projects.

Call Structure
Enables the user to explore the blocks called from and blocks called to from OB.
The blocks can also be filtered to understand the sub-structure also.

Sequence Analytics
Visualize the Step 7 graph transitio ns as a tree structure for the given PLC and can be exported in the form of JSON for downstream analysis.

Signal Flow
Helpful when the members of the UDTs or the UDTs are treated a real-world materials/object in the automation line.

The Material flow visualization helps to understand the flow of the UDTs datapoints as Input/Output/InOut parameters across blocks which are calling the UDTs. The datapoints of the material flow can also be exported in the form of JSON for downstream analysis.

UDT dependencies
The Type dependencies, Instance dependencies of the UDT and the data points which are read/written by the UDTs are visualized.
The datapoints of the interest of the UDTs can also be exported in the form of JSON for downstream analysis.

Query Builder
The user is allowed to write his/her own queries targeting a custom search in the engineering project concerning plc data points. The queries can be saved, opened for later use and the data points queried can be exported in the form of JSON for downstream analysis.

Unit Relation View
Visualize the dependencies between Units, Global Data Blocks & Technology Objects

Project Structure
Export all the engineering objects (such as Organizational Blocks, Function Blocks, Function Calls, Data Blocks, User Defined Types and Tags), in the form of JSON for further analysis.

Global Objects Dependencies
Visualize and export the dependencies between code blocks, data blocks and tags.

Customer Benefits:
– Quick insights on the engineering project
– Better understanding on the anomalies of the engineering project
– Helps to uncover the complex design of the engineering projects.


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