ROEQ Top Module for MiR TMS-C1500 robots with payloads up to 1.5 tons

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ROEQ has introduced its new TMS-C1500 top module – designed to be deployed in applications with MiR’s fleet of AMRs with heavier payloads than ever before. Capable of handling total payloads of up to 1,500 kg, the TMS-C1500, combined with ROEQ’s new S-Cart1500W racking cart, greatly increases the payload capabilities of the MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000 and MiR1350 robots.

Using this top module, the robots can pick up and drop off in free space, as well as handle different sizes of goods on multiple missions within the same setup. Between loads the cart can be maneuvered by personnel. Because it can handle up to 1500kg, you can move large batches of goods on each trip, really increasing the capability of your larger robots. Should you need precision drop-off, it can be used with our DS Standalone docking station. With multiple carts, you reduce the robot’s idle time and increase efficiency.

“ROEQ standardized MRE solutions are designed to unleash the full power and potential of AMRs for companies of all sizes and this latest addition is no exception, “says Michael Ejstrup Hansen, Managing Director of ROEQ. “The TMS-C1500 provides a powerful boost to your AMR’s payload capabilities. We’ve not seen any other standard MRE solutions for MiR AMRs that can handle payloads this heavy.”

This top module and cart solution is suited for use in any manufacturing setting where you need to transport heavy loads – for example in the automotive or furniture industries. Heavy or bulky products or parts can be easily moved using your large AMRs, since this top module can accommodate string-type US pallets. And it’s scalable – you can use multiple carts fitted for various loads to perform multiple tasks with one large MiR robot.


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