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Beckhoff ATRO –  Modular industrial robot system

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The new ATRO system from Beckhoff is a modular industrial robot system that can be used to assemble the optimal robot structures for different applications on an individual and flexible basis. Standardized motor modules with integrated drive functionality, together with link modules in various designs and lengths, enable almost limitless combinations of mechanics. The complete integration of the control into the holistic control platform TwinCAT offers direct access to a wide range of proven automation functions.

This opens up an extensive range of individual possibilities for users to implement their own kinematics, such as:

1-axis rotary indexing table with integrated power feed
2-axis tracking unit
3-axis delta robot
4-axis SCARA
5-axis palletizing robot
6-axis serial robot
7-axis system to increase the reach/articulation for hard-to-reach areas

Complete integration into the control platform

New Automation Technology: With the ATRO system, Beckhoff is once again living up to its ‘New Automation Technology’ claim. The development of modular robots and cobots – along with their full integration into the holistic control platform – both completes the Beckhoff portfolio and sets a new milestone in automation technology.

The machine’s performance is maximized by the direct integration of the robotics solution into motion control, safety, machine learning, IoT, analytics, vision, cloud engineering, and HMI, as well as through direct combinations with intelligent transport systems such as XPlanar and XTS. Another major advantage is that all components are fully networked with each other. Not only does this result in precise time synchronization, which means highly dynamic interactions between the systems are even facilitated during product transport, but it also naturally facilitates mutual data access, thereby eliminating the need for complex configurations. The time and effort required for commissioning the robot is significantly reduced, allowing initial movements to take place in just a few minutes.

The new robotics solution ties in perfectly with the holistic approach of the PC-based and EtherCAT-based control philosophy.

Modular design with standardized interfaces

The ATRO modular robotics system marks a real turning point in the development of robots. Its direct integration into the Beckhoff system solution allows machine builders to offer fit-for-production machines complete with fully integrated robotics and their own kinematics. The robot/cobot solution in question can be adapted precisely to the task with any number of axes and is freely scalable, modifiable, and expandable.

All modules feature an internal media feed for data, power, and fluids (vacuum, air, and water), which are made available via the ATRO interface at the end effector. This means, for example, that a wide variety of tools, such as mechanical, pneumatic, or electric grippers, can be integrated with ease. Another major advantage is that all media feeds are designed in a way that preserves the endless rotation of the axes and the tool.

The modular and scalable features of the complete solution ensure both the future compatibility and investment security of the machine. The robot can be used flexibly on different machines and the application can be easily adapted to the new task.


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