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Cube20S – Small, Speedy, Safe

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Murrelektronik’s Cube family of products is not only known for its modular fieldbus solutions but also for its cost-effective machine and plant installations. The newest member of the family is Cube20S – a compact, efficient fieldbus station for control cabinets. The modular design, typical for Cube products, is also seen in these new modules.

Cube20S connects slim (12.9mm) two, four, or eight channel input and output modules and function modules to base modules with integrated bus nodes. These fieldbus stations can be designed in a range of configurations as required by engineers for their installations. With Cube20S, up to 64 modules can be connected to each bus node with minimal wiring effort. Installation is simple.

Wiring errors can be avoided because the function modules are mounted on a back plate which is designed to transfer power and communication without additional wiring to the function modules. The back plate’s push-plug mechanism also protects modules from reverse polarity. When it is time for maintenance, single modules can be conveniently exchanged.

Cube20S features a labeling and diagnostic concept that is very user-friendly. Labels can be attached next to the LEDs. This makes it possible to identify and read channel states with greater reliability.

Variety: Communication interfaces, digital and analog modules, high-speed counters and color-coded power modules are available.

Easy: Spring clamp terminals simplify installation.

Fast: Response times up to 20µs.

Clear: Precise channel assignments, clear labeling

Safe: Combining Cube20S power and output modules with Miro SAFE+ achieves passive safety applications up to PLd.

Accessories: Profibus connectors, pre-wired bus cables, Exact12 safety distribution boxes and other components complete the product range.

Practical: Murrelektronik’s Cube20S can be ordered as set – for example with pre-labeled modules, are connected to each other, or mounted on DIN rail

“Our customers in the automation industry require compact, flexible solutions that are cost-effective in the long run. With Cube20S, we meet these requirements. We offer one of the most efficient and modern decentralized I/O systems available on the market. We combine the high functionality of Cube20S with an extremely clever mechanical concept to achieve a very compact design.”


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