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FachPack 2013: answers for packaging professionals

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As one of the top European trade fairs for packaging, FachPack from 24–26 September offers some 1,440 exhibitors (2012: 1,466) the perfect setting for products and services for packaging, technology, processing and logistics on the same area as last year (approx. 54,000 m² net). The some 37,000 packaging specialists (2012: 36,986) from Germany and the neighbouring countries appreciate the popular mixture of expertise, practical orientation and constructive working atmosphere.

The exhibitors: product variety along the packaging process chain

The delicate Franconian daughter of two company exhibitions in Nürnberg first saw the light of the packaging world in 1979 with a weight at birth of only 80 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors. It grew splendidly: 35 years and 20 trade fairs later, FachPack is convincing as a noted exhibition of European standing. The efficient German packaging industry is strongly represented in Nürnberg with well over
1,000 companies. These include 19 young innovative start-ups, which attract attention with their new products in the sponsored pavilion. 28 % of the exhibitors travel to Nürnberg mainly from the neighbouring countries – the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

FachPack specializes in products and services along the packaging process chain in the segments of packaging, technology, processing and logistics. 678 exhibitors score with their recognized expertise in packaging materials, packaging supplies and packaging ancillaries. 531 firms present innovative technology – packaging machinery, labelling and marking equipment, and peripheral packaging machinery and equipment. The product spectrum of the 219 processing and design specialists range from individual to luxurious, from pre-press, packaging design and package and label printing to packaging supplies production. 386 companies make their mark on the packaging logistics segment with conveying, loading, storage and order-picking systems, software or logistic services. This makes altogether
1,814 firms, but FachPack has “only” 1,440 exhibitors. This means a good quarter of the mainly small and medium enterprises show products and services in several segments of the packaging process chain.
The visitors: specific concerns are gladly dealt with at the exhibition

The expected 37,000 packaging specialists with money to invest appreciate the creative working atmosphere at FachPack. Information and cultivation of contacts are just as important here as answering specific technical inquiries.The typical FachPack visitor works in industries like food/beverages, pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, chemicals, printing/paper/cardboard, packaging- and logistics-related services, plastics, automotive engineering and component supply, and 85 % of the visitors are involved in their company’s procurement process. The good mood in Nürnberg is catching and attracted more than 7,500 international visitors at the last event. They come mainly from Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, France, Slovenia, Hungary and Great Britain.
The supporting programme: coffee break at the PackBox Forum

Twelve special events in the supporting programme offer additional added value to supplement the products of the 1,440 exhibitors. The stylish PackBox Forum continues its success story after its impressive premiere last year. Three different theme slots on each of the three days of the exhibition provide new and in-depth knowledge on all exhibition topics. Interested visitors can enjoy listening over a coffee and snack or actively contribute to the discussions. The players involved in the second round of the triad of inspiration – innovation – information are: bayern design, Bund Deutscher Verpackungsingenieure (bdvi – Association of German Packaging Engineers), Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut (dvi – German Packaging Institute), Flexodruck Fachverband (DFTA – Flexographic Printing Association), the magazines PackReport und Verpackungs-Rundschau (Packaging Review), Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics) and Verein zur Förderung innovativer Verfahren in der Logistik (VVL – Association for the Promotion of Innovative Logistic Processes). A new feature at the PackBox Forum is the Careers Day: So it will probably be really cosy at the 200-seat forum on Thursday afternoon when students, prospective packaging engineers, designers and logistics specialists as well as “packaging newcomers” from sectors such as mechanical engineering or economics take over the PackBox. Personnel consultants with experience of the industry report on exactly what packaging companies expect from their new employees – and vice versa. Here anyone toying with the idea of working for the packaging industry in future finds out more about career prospects and possibilities for training and qualifications. Finally, three selected bachelor and master theses are presented by the students in a 10-minute presentation on each thesis.
The German packaging market: packaging and technology

The German packaging manufacturers had to cope with a slight decline in 2012: sales dropped by 1.1 % to 31.8 billion euros and quantity by 2.4 % to 19.4 billion tonnes. As in the previous years, packaging of paper, paperboard and cardboard accounted for the largest amount of packaging supplies with a 48 % share. Plastic packaging with a share of 41 % leads in terms of sales. Production of all packaging materials decreased, but glass most heavily. The largest drop in sales was suffered by metal packaging (both –3.4 %). The Gemeinschaftsausschuss Deutscher Verpackungshersteller (GADV – German Packaging Manufacturers Association) is cautiously optimistic for 2013, but is concerned about raw material prices and the increased costs associated with the energy turnaround.

The German packaging machinery manufacturers, around 300 firms with about 28,000 employees, have more than compensated for the slump due to the worldwide financial and economic crisis. According to the VDMA Fachverband Nahrungsmittelmaschinen und Verpackungsmaschinen (German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association), the production value of packaging machinery increased by 10 % to 5.63 billion euros in 2012, which beat the previous record value of 5.4 billion euros in 2008 by a good 4 %. German exports of packaging machinery last year rose disproportionately by a good 13 % to some 4.84 billion euros. In the world export statistics for packaging machinery – some 16.7 billion euros in 2012 – Germany with 29 % holds top position ahead of Italy with 26 %. Overall, the positive trend for the German packaging machinery manufacturers continued in the first half of 2013. Exports to the USA boomed, whereas the value of exports to China dropped. So the two largest buyer countries swapped positions again. They are followed by Russia, France and Great Britain.

Of the world production of packaging machinery, which is estimated at 26.6 billion euros by VDMA (2011: inland sales plus exports), German manufacturers have the largest share again with 19 % ahead of Italy with 16 %. In terms of customers, Europe is meanwhile only just ahead of Asia.


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