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Process Safety with Rexroth Pneumatics

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Automation components with a hygienic design ensure that users are on the safe side along the entire process chain, including quality control of the final product.

Pneumatic components made of sturdy materials with a hygienic design ensure safe food production.

When producing food items, users rely on the highest standards for hygiene and expect the applied machine technology to be designed for frequent cleaning cycles. Rexroth Pneumatics offers a wide range of components tailored to this purpose – from EHEDG-certified Clean Line valves according to protection class IP69K, via corrosion-resistant cylinders and grippers, up to compressed air preparation. All components have been engineered to comply with the principles of hygienic design, facilitating reliable and thorough cleaning. In addition, the concept of decentralized pneumatics enables Rexroth Pneumatics to unlock substantial potentials for lowering system costs and compressed air consumption in food production.

Rexroth Pneumatics combines perfectly matched components to offer custom pneumatic handling solutions for food processing and packaging. This includes individual pneumatic units as well as complete pneumatic systems that were developed and configured to comply with the specific requirements of each customer. The automation of processes in packaging and processing systems requires carefully designed subsystems to safely proceed along all processing steps. This is where perfectly matched pneumatic components with a hygienic design offer considerable added value. A further bonus: The decentralized installation of individual valve systems near the cylinder substantially reduces the amount of energy required as it decreases the consumption of compressed air.

Customized pneumatics solutions

For all product configurations, the experts from Rexroth Pneumatics focus on achieving maximum productivity at minimal compressed air consumption. This is supported by configuration and calculation tools, such as the air consumption calculator, that are also available online for customers.

Rexroth Pneumatics’ experts combine specially configured actuators with the right valve technology, including the required accessories and compressed air preparation. The systems are delivered ready for installation. Thanks to modular system solutions and customer-specific designs, special application requirements, such as compact installation space, high speed, or hygienic design, are easy to fulfill. Acid-proof connections ensure the safety of the system. If required, Rexroth Pneumatics also offers pneumatic controls installed in a stainless steel control cabinet.


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