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Wizard Easy Programming for ABB robots and cobots

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Wizard Easy Programming is a graphical programming tool that empowers users – be it first-time robot users or professionals – to program collaborative and industrial robots easily, quickly and efficiently in a wide range of applications.

Add Wizard Easy Programming blocks by dragging and dropping them, or by pushing a button. Then press play to run your program. It’s that simple. Wizard Easy Programming comes with a set of standard pre-installed blocks from robot movements, to messages, and signal instructions.

For situations where highly specialized blocks are required, experts can easily create custom blocks with the Skill Creator.


  • Get started within 10 minutes thanks to no-code, block-based programming
  • Graphical user interface and intuitive navigation for high simplicity
  • Available for all cobots and industrial ABB robots running on the OmniCore™ controller
  • High flexibility for experts to customize blocks with Skill Creator
  • Fully integrated with ABB robot software and services ecosystem

Supported robots

All cobots and 6-axis industrial robots are pow-ered by the OmniCore™ controller: GoFa™, SWIFTI™, Single arm YuMi®, IRB 1010, IRB 1090, IRB 1200, IRB 1600, IRB 2600, IRB 4600, IRB 5710, IRB 5720, IRB 6650, IRB 6660, IRB 6700, IRB 6710, IRB 6720, IRB 6730, IRB 6740.


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