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Bosch Rexroth at SPS IPC Drives 2018

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Automation is the key to a digitized and highly flexible factory – the factory of the future. The unbeatable benefits: a higher flexibility, efficiency and quality.

At the SPS IPC Drives, Bosch Rexroth provide you with solutions already supporting you in realizing your factory of the future


Bosch Rexroth offer you an increase in efficiency in your production, with a scalable IoT range from sensors to intelligent edge to complete IoT solutions. An important component of Bosch Rexroth IoT range is the IoT Gateway Software , which easily and cost-effectively networks new and existing machines. It does not intervene in the automation logic of the machine control. The transmitted data helps you to optimize production processes and product quality.

Various sensors support this. The CISS is a small and robust multisensor for harsh industrial environments that connects wirelessly to a gateway via Bluetooth. The SCD (Sense Connect Detect ) can be used both with an App and with the IoT Gateway. Both sensors can be easily integrated into existing or new machines.

Together with Bosch Connected Industry , we offer you various cloud solutions for a transparent, networked value stream.

The interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit helps analyzing and optimizing your value stream and production processes by processing and visualizing production data from existing system environments and several data sources in real time. As an open, extendable and customizable software tool ActiveCockpit networks IT applications for production planning, quality data management and e-mailing with the software functionality of machines and plants.


The motion control system MLC is the complete control system – from the simplest Cartesian handling tasks through complex robot applications to highly dynamic machines for the packaging and printing industries.

You can optimally scale your solution package according to your requirements:

For example, price-optimized solutions based on the embedded control XM21 with a maximum of eight axes and kinematics for compact machines or high-end applications with up to 192 synchronous axes based on the new embedded control XM42.

Alternative: IPC-based high-end solutions for demanding visualization and engineering tasks in which the real-time control function is decoupled from the Windows operating system.

Another advantage: Template-based engineering significantly simplifies programming and thus enables fast time-to-market cycles.


The new Service App DSA for quick help in case of service. Use Bosch Rexroth services, such as hotline, spare parts and repairs, via Smart Device directly in the production environment. The app offers high usability and easy identification of Bosch Rexroth components. A query of status information of the machine enables the correct further steps to be initiated and all relevant data to be transmitted directly. Through easy registering Bosch Rexroth components via app, you have further advantages.


Tailored to the respective application, Smart Energy Management always offers you the optimum solution for the energy-efficient operation of your system. To save energy and reduce load peaks in the grid, various concepts are available with static and rotary energy storage, Smart Energy Mode, power recovery, reactive current compensation and other options.

In addition, the intelligent power supplies offer functions for the realization of UPS systems, for power generation in island and interconnected networks, as well as for the adaptation and synchronization of networks with different voltages and frequencies. The charging of batteries as well as test bench applications for batteries in the automotive industry can also be optimally realized with this system.


The APAS assistant , based on the technology of KUKA Agilus KR 10 R1100-2, enables new forms of coperation in the Factory of the Future. Equipped with a capacitive sensor skin Bosch Rexroth robotics system operates completely contact-free with its human colleagues.

The combination of both partners brings together the strengths of human and machine. While the robot scores with precision and endurance, humans have problem-solving skills. Thus, the APAS assistant assists you in versatile assembly, palletizing and monotonous pick-and-place tasks or independently handles ergonomically challenging procedures – with high precision and cost-efficiency!

With high speed, range and loading capacity, familiar KUKA programming and the open PLC interface mxAutomation, the APAS assistant inline has everything you need to prepare you for the production of the future – see for yourself and visit us at SPS IPC Drives! Hall 7, booth 450.


In current Motion Controls and Motion Logic Systems for hydraulics, Rexroth already integrated numerous functions in software, which used to be controlled purely hydromechanically in the past. The specialties of fluid power technology are automatically compensated for. The decentralized controls perform their duties on their own and communicate with higher-level controls and master systems via open communication interfaces.

Sytronix type variable-speed pump drives change the game with hydraulic systems and offer new opportunities for innovative designs. Energy-efficient solutions using components matched to the application and an in-depth knowledge of the technology are key. Investment in energy saving technology using Bosch Rexroth hydraulics can provide fast returns, with energy savings up to 80%.


We will be showing you the advantages that digitization Linear Motion Technology offers the users along the entire process chain, live at the SPS IPC Drives trade show. Experience one of the multi-axis systems, a continuous digital journey from configuration through to start-up, application during operation right up to diagnosis of Linear Motion Systems. Here, software tools and all individual pieces of information support the components and systems of Linear Motion Technology over the entire life cycle. We offer different drives as well as controllers and motors suitable for the Linear Motion Systems.

Further on the booth you can see Bosch Rexroth linear guides with integrated measuring system. Herewith our users achieve excellent measuring accuracy and also save time, money and space. Not only does the IMS measure as accurately as a glass scale, it is also impervious to contamination, vibrations, shocks, and magnetic interference.


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