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PACK EXPO 2012: Eaton Lean Automation Solutions Transform Packaging Industry Machinery

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Eaton Corporation will display electrical solutions that help packaging industry customers develop smaller, smarter machines at PACK EXPO® 2012 at McCormick Place Convention complex in Chicago, IL. A range of Eaton solutions that transform the way packaging original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) build machinery and panels will be incorporated in a custom-designed machine at Booth #N4808 from October 28 to 31.

Industry-leading Eaton components are engineered to help make OEM processes Lean, enabling packaging customers to deliver their machines to market faster. Eaton solutions like the XV Series HMI with integrated logic and SmartWire-DT system are designed to enable world-class connectivity, preventative diagnostics and enhanced safety for more efficient, reliable machines.

The XV Series human machine interface (HMI) incorporates programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality and integrates directly with the SmartWire-DT system. Designed for OEMs, the XV Series HMI-PLCs combine control, visualization and data management in a single device, while the SmartWire-DT system replaces traditional control wiring to components with a single cable – enabling simplified and less error-prone connectivity.

The XV Series HMI-PLC with SmartWire-DT connectivity is designed to enable remote intelligence, eliminate an entire device level and make complex wiring unnecessary for smaller and smarter machines. Designed to handle demanding PLC applications, the XV Series HMI-PLC removes the physical PLC, incorporates logic into the operator interface, and provides a single software package for control and visualization.

The SmartWire-DTTM panel wiring solution makes for smaller, cleaner panel design by reducing panel wiring complexity, improving system reliability and saving installation time. The SmartWire-DT system removes the programmable logic controller (PLC) input/output points for starters and pushbuttons by incorporating them into the wire – eliminating the time needed to cut, strip, mark, bundle, and check numerous individual wires. The SmartWire-DT system is now available with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP, in addition to PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen – allowing the SmartWire-DT system to more easily integrate with OEM’s preferred industrial network.

Additional industry-leading Eaton solutions on display will include:

# M22 pushbuttons that are engineered to minimize inventories with a field-convertible pushbuttons and selector switches

# XT contactors with an efficient coil magnet system t

# Eaton M-Max Series and SVX9000 adjustable frequency drives that are designed to increase system efficiency and extend equipment life

# Industry-leading Eaton circuit breakers with high interruption ratings in a compact package

A comprehensive range of contact and non-contact switching devices including photoelectric and inductive sensors, mechanical limit switches, and electrical current sensors



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