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EuroBLECH 2012 opens today – more than 1,500 exhibitors

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With 1,520 exhibitors from 39 countries and a total of 84,000 m2  net exhibition space,  this year’s EuroBLECH, held from 23 – 27 October 2012 at the Hanover Exhibition  Centre, is set to be record breaking. The event has increased by 5% in exhibitor  numbers and by 7% in exhibition space compared to the previous exhibition held in  2010.

EuroBLECH is renowned as an industry barometer and the leading trade show for  technological advance in sheet metal working. After the difficult times the industry  sector had to face some years ago, companies at this year’s exhibition appear  confident and optimistic. “Many exhibitors at EuroBLECH 2012 have increased their  stand space and have more sumptuous stands than ever. They showcase an  enormous variety of new products and innovative solutions, more than ever before.  Visitors can look forward to a wonderland of sheet metal working technology,” says  Nicola Hamann, Exhibition Director EuroBLECH, on behalf of the organisers, Mack  Brooks Exhibitions.

With this year’s theme ‘For a sustainable future’, EuroBLECH puts a special focus on  energy efficient technology, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and  intelligent use of material. The wide range of materials, machines, systems and tools  on display reflect the complete technology chain of sheet metal working, from sheet  metal and sheet metal products to handling, forming, cutting, joining, flexible sheet  metal working, tube processing, process control, CAD/CAM systems and surface  technology. A great number of exhibiting research institutions complement the event  by presenting the latest research projects and providing the necessary foundations  for technological development.

Increasing global business of the sheet metal working industry means that the  percentage of international exhibitors at the industry sector’s leading trade exhibition  is higher than ever: 48% of the exhibitors at EuroBLECH 2012 come from outside  Germany. Most important exhibitor countries after Germany are Italy, Turkey, China,  the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France and the USA.

“Companies in the sheet metal working industry have to position themselves in a  global business environment in order to profit from new opportunities,” says Nicola  Hamann. “Markets have shifted, and while demand in Europe and the USA remains  static, there are new growth markets in Asia and South America. This means that  companies have to react flexibly to fluctuations in markets and demand with modern,  competitive and high quality products in order to maintain their market position.  Especially in challenging times like these, EuroBLECH, as the leading industry  platform for sheet metal working brings together suppliers and trade visitors from all  over the world, ready to invest.”

EuroBLECH 2012 is open from Tuesday, 23 October to Friday, 26 October 2012,  from 09:00 – 18:00 and on Saturday, 27 October 2012, from 09:00 – 15:00. Visitors  who buy their tickets in advance from the online ticket shop at will save money and time on-site. The day ticket entry price on-site is €32; visitors  who buy online pay €26. The season ticket price on-site is €52, online it is €46.

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