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Multi-touch in a compact design with ARM Cortex A8 processor

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With the exceptionally compact CP26xx Panel PC series Beckhoff has increased the scalability of its broad range of devices with integrated multi-touch functionality even further. Equipped with an ARM Cortex™ A8 processor, the fanless series of Panel PCs is designed for use in numerous PLC and Motion Control applications and in small to medium-sized machines and plants.
The CP26xx Panel PC features a 1 GHz ARM Cortex™ A8 CPU with access
to 1 GByte internal DDR3 RAM memory. The standard operating system is Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7.
A 256 MB Micro SD card is included as standard and optionally up to 4 GByte are available. A 128 kbyte NOVRAM ensures fail-safe storage of TwinCAT process data. An on-board 10/100BASE-T Ethernet adapter, an EtherCAT adapter with RJ-45 connector, an RS-232 interface and two USB-2.0 ports are also available.

In contrast to the existing ARM9 architecture, the ARM Cortex™ A8 processor has a hardware-based floating point unit. This makes floating point operations (Real, LReal) significantly faster. It means that the CP26xx Panel PC series can also be used for Motion Control applications. In combination with TwinCAT automation software from Beckhoff, the Panel PC becomes a high-performance PLC and Motion Control system for small and medium-sized machine applications.
The aluminium panel housing with high quality glass front offers IP 65 protection at the front and IP 20 at the back. A choice of eight different multi-touch TFT displays in sizes between 7″ and 24″ as well as 4:3, widescreen, landscape or portrait formats are available. The operating temperature range for the panels is 0 to 55 °C.
Multi-touch benefits throughout
With the CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series, Beckhoff offers a comprehensive range of multi-touch operating devices, which continues to be expanded further. High quality manufacturing execution of the aluminium housing designs make the Panels robust and ideal for industrial applications.
A narrow, circumferential metal impact protector reliably protects the touchscreen surface or the display against mechanical damage. In addition, the all-glass surface offers maximum resistance to environmental influences.
The multi-touch panels with projective capacitive touchscreen (PCT) technology feature a high touch-point density, which enables accurate, safe and jerk-free operation even in minute steps. They can be operated with thin work gloves  (e.g. latex gloves). In addition to multi-finger touch or dual-touch options (for Panel-PCs with Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS), the new series also offers high-precision automation solutions with two-hand


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