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Multi-variant MKR 20-80 Food & Packaging linear modules from Rexroth

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The multi-variant MKR 20-80 linear module from Rexroth is a particularly easy-to-clean and individually configurable, ready-to-install solution for applications involving intensive cleaning cycles, for example in applications associated with the food and packaging industries. The design features smooth, liquid-repellant surfaces without any dead spaces or grooves. The compact case made of anodized aluminum is sealed against the carriage by a DIN EN 10088 compliant non-corrosive steel strip. For especially demanding applications the manufacturer also offers the linear module with ball rail systems made of corrosion-resistant materials to Resist NR II standard.

Thanks to the pre-tensioned toothed belt, the linear module can achieve speeds of up to 5m/s. The gap-type sealing for the guidance of the toothed belt is maintenance-free. Rexroth supplies the linear modules, which are also suitable for vertical operations, in customer-specified lengths to order and both with and without motors. Simple engine mounting using centering recess and thread on the drive end block. Design engineers can choose either a journal version or a hollow shaft version with and without a second journal, plus the adaptation of a gear unit. This means that the linear module achieves optimum adaptation of carried mass to the drive motor inertia for each application, thanks to the different speed increasing ratios.

The manufacturer also supplies the particularly easy-to-clean version of the MKR 20-80 as complete shafts with matching servo drives, integrated brakes and transducers. Rounding off the product range are drive controllers plus controls units.

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