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Plug-and-play identification for storage and conveying technology -Package solution for PROFIBUS

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The ID package from SICK, comprised of a CLV610 bar code scanner and a CDF600-2 fieldbus module with PROFIBUS connections, promises simple, quick, and cost-saving installation and configuration.

It is designed specifically for applications in storage and conveying technology. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the options for integration into PROFIBUS automation systems and by its suitability for mounting to all common conveyor system profiles. The reading fields of the CLV610 – the successor of the well-tried CLV410 – are optimized specifically for use in intralogistical plants.

Innovative data handling

By means of sorter, filter and output formatters, the data from the CLV610 is transferred to the controller in the desired format. Thus, customer can do without the extra effort of programming in the controller.

Great variety of communication in compact design

The CDF600-2 – the successor of the successful CDF600 – was developed in close cooperation with clients. The space-saving fieldbus module with its two PROFIBUS connections for line topologies features protected control and display elements visible from the outside. In addition, it permits access in terms of data systems technology to the bar code scanner if the latter is installed in a difficult-to-reach location. In case a device requires replacing, parameter cloning is integrated as well. In the gateway mode, one can integrate any RS-232 devices as desired. Moreover, the CDF600-2 is suitable for PROFIBUS integration of all IDpro sensors from SICK.



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