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ProLeiT’s Plant iT is now compatible with the Modicon M580

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Tech group Schneider Electric and the German software company ProLeiT continue to grow together. The functionalities of the Plant iT system family from ProLeiT are now also available for users of the Modicon M580 programmable logic controller from Schneider Electric. In this way, it is possible to seamlessly connect Schneider Electric’s entire hardware portfolio for measurement and control technology to the ProLeiT process control system, which is tailored to batch-based production processes. Optimized specifically for tasks in the food industry, animal feed processing or fine chemicals, Plant iT is now an integral part of the holistic IIoT architecture EcoStruxure.

Plant iT: Modular Batch Orchestration System

The Batch Orchestration System Plant iT , the latest version of which can now also be used in combination with the Modicon M580 PLC from Schneider Electric, is a modular control system solution for production plants in the process industry. The five available basic modules Aquis iT, Direct iT, Liqu iT, Batch iT and Integrate iT cover the automation, information and control technology of a plant and are suitable for tasks relating to production data management, control system, recipe management for liquid and batch processes, MES, reporting and analytics. Known under the brewmaxx label, a specific compilation of these modules is tailored exactly to the requirements of breweries, for example.

With the takeover of ProLeiT in 2020 and the recent merger of Plant iT and Modicon M580, Schneider Electric was able to further expand its range and know-how in the field of process industry. Plant manufacturers and end customers have access to a comprehensive hardware and software portfolio for the engineering, control and operation of process plants for the special requirements of food processing companies, among other things. In addition to the process control system from ProLeiT, this also includes intelligent software services for, for example, augmented reality-based maintenance processes, efficient clean-in-place processes or the complete traceability of products and raw materials within a value-added network.

High availability Modicon M580 process controller

The combination of Plant iT process control system and Modicon M580 PLC not only enables plant manufacturers and end users to use an engineering and control system solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the process industry. In terms of design and functionality, the programmable logic controller from Schneider Electric is also explicitly intended for use in the process industry. With the powerful M580 it is possible to implement complex applications and the two redundantly used processors ensure the necessary fail-safety. In this way, high-availability systems can be operated with the M580, in which compliance with recipe accuracy and consistent product quality is permanently ensured.


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