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AL8000 and AL8100 linear motors with One Cable Technology

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The AL8000 and AL8100 linear motor series now offer integrated position detection thanks to the addition of a feedback system. This makes the entire process of integrating the motor into the machine much easier, as users no longer have to mount the scanning head themselves. What’s more, users benefit from all the advantages of Beckhoff One Cable Technology (OCT).

The linear drives feature an integrated feedback system – a scanning head and a scale tape – to form a new type of functional unit. One Cable Technology (OCT) from Beckhoff enables signal transmission directly via the periphery of the motor. As a result, only one cable is required for the power supply, the feedback system, and the thermal sensor.

This not only reduces the wiring to the control cabinet, but also enables extremely simple commissioning via the electronic nameplate which contains all the relevant motor parameters. The scanning head is also pre-aligned and directly coupled to the coil unit, eliminating time-consuming assembly and alignment procedures for the feedback system.

The linear motors are available for both the 400 V (AL8000) and 48 V (AL8100) ranges. When combined with the ELM72xx servo terminals, the AL8100 therefore offers a complete linear motor solution for the low voltage range for the very first time.


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