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Balluff introduces Distributed Modular I/O for CC-Link

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Balluff’s new generation of Distributed Modular I/O can be used in a cost effective way to replace standard slice I/O and distributed I/O solutions. Offering IP67 protection and industry standard connectors, many types of control data can be collected. Utilizing the vendor neutral standard IO-Link (, the master block can communicate with up to 4 slave devices and then send their combined data back to the controller over the CC-Link network.

In lieu of a backplane, each slave device is connected to the CC-Link IO-Link master by an industry-standard M12 port, creating an IP67 connection. With the ability to be installed within a 20 meter radius from the master device, slave devices can be easily distributed across the machine without the use of cumbersome and costly controls cabinets that are typically used in today’s CC-Link network architectures.

The CC-Link IO-Link masters support daisy-chain connections as well as trunk & drop network architectures for easier troubleshooting. The master has an intuitive push-button display that allows the user to view and set the station address and then the display can be locked from the controller to avoid tampering.

Types of Distributed Modular I/O IO-Link slave devices available from Balluff:

– Discrete Inputs & Outputs

– Analog Input & Output Channels

– Valve Manifold Control

– Industrial RFID Processors & Heads

– Specialty sensors for measurement, position or color detection

– Advantages of Distributed Modular I/O systems include:

– Simplified controls quotation process by utilizing fieldbus neutral I/O devices

– Reduction in the total cost per point by shrinking and/or eliminating the need for costly remote I/O controls enclosures and the assembly labor involved in designing and building them

– Plug and Play replacement of a failed slave device with automatic parameter restoration

– Flexibility to drive recipe changes directly from the PLC to the devices without frustrating manuals or pushbuttons

CC-Link is the most dominant and fastest growing fieldbus technology in Asia, and is quickly gaining popularity in the US. The open network is supported by the global CC-Link partner association CLPA, which comprises more than 1000 companies. CC-Link is a standardized fieldbus designed to integrate different automation components from a wide range of providers.

Balluff’s Distributed Modular I/O line also supports EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFINET, and PROFIBUS protocols



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