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Control Techniques new high IP variant of its Pump Drive F600

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Control Techniques has launched a new high IP variant of its Pump Drive F600, delivering class-leading flow control in a format suitable for use outdoors without cabinets and in demanding environments.

F600 High IP, part of Control Techniques’ specialist family of industry and application-specific drives, offers a full IP65 solution with identical features and functionality, dedicated for pump applications, as the standard model. The new High IP drive enables customers to use both standard and High IP drives in the same project, making project qualification straightforward and commissioning simple.

IP65 provides protection from total dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction, making F600 High IP one of the most protected drives on the market.

Big protection. Small installation costs

The F600 High IP drive is enclosed in a sturdy, protective yet light casing, providing a compact solution. This allows easy integration in harsh environments and wall mounting close to the motor, consequently reducing installation and maintenance costs as no cabinet is required, the cable lengths are shorter, and labour time is also reduced. A lot of attention has also been paid to usability and to maintain easy access to the included LCD keypad.

Free 5 year warranty

To share our confidence in the reliability of Control Techniques, the F600 High IP is covered by a 5 year warranty, at no extra cost. This is a testament to Control Technique’s exceptional track record for reliability, giving the customer total peace of mind.


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