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Cybersecurity for SINAMICS Drives with UMAC in the TIA Portal

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Hackers work all over the world, and they do not spare industrial facilities. If they find a weak point, they sometimes bring entire industrial facilities to a standstill, causing production downtimes and high follow-up costs.

It is, therefore, becoming increasingly important to protect industrial facilities from attacks by means of a comprehensive security concept.

Siemens supports you in implementing such a security concept by pre-integrating security functions in many devices, which then only need to be configured for your application.

With Startdrive ≥V18 SP1 and the SINAMICS firmware ≥V6.1, the security concept of the SINAMICS drives has been significantly expanded and improved, in addition to addressing some of the requirements of the IEC 62443 family of standards (Industrial Communication Networks – Networks and System Security).

This document explains which security functions are available on the drives of the SINAMICS family with firmware ≥V6.1 and how you can configure these functions.


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