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Guide for switching from WinCC Comfort to WinCC Unified

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SIMATIC WinCC Unified is the all-new visualization system from Siemens for automation applications. The SIMATIC WinCC Unified System consists, among others, of the SIMATIC WinCC Unified visualization software and the new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels.

The Unified Comfort Panels extend the product range of the SIMATIC Advanced HMIs and are the successor devices of the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels. In addition to the new hardware, there are numerous innovative new features in comparison to the SIMATIC Comfort Panels when it comes to engineering and the runtime environment of the devices.

To get a better overview of the commonalities and differences between the two operator device generations, including the information on the change to Unified, this document will address a number of topics. We will discuss the advantages of the SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panel in comparison to the Comfort Panels and guide you through the steps of the changing process.

The switch to WinCC Unified is basically designed as a modernization process and includes the conversion of a Unified Comfort Panel project or PC runtime project into a Unified Comfort Panel.

The modernization process results in a project that ensures the same process behavior as in the old application, thanks to the new concepts and features. The new project is thereby adapted to the new requirements of the Unified Comfort Panel (UCP) and equipped with a modern style. In this way, you can continue to use your existing application without having to forego the new benefits of UCPs.

To summarize the modernization to WinCC Unified: It is an effective way to improve flexibility, extend to a more comprehensive quantity structure, and improve the security of your application. And you also refresh the look, feel and functions of the application at the same time.


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