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MLV41-8-H-IO – Reliable detection through integrated distance measurement

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In many industrial applications, it is essential that objects are detected reliably against a certain background. Diffuse mode sensors with background suppression are often used for this type of application. It is well-known that these photoelectric sensors can produce false readings when used in areas with widely varying ambient conditions, e.g., due to the presence of reflective metallic objects.

In the search for optimization options and more powerful alternatives, a new standard sensor has been developed that incorporates the features of a distance sensor in a diffuse mode sensor, making it more accurate and reliable, but not as complex or costly.

The innovative MLV41-8-H-IO diffuse mode sensor employs the triangulation principle with Multi-Pixel Technology (MPT) and features a powerful measuring functionality that provides reliable object detection and the suppression of interference. The intelligent evaluation of the measured data also permits various switching functionalities with outstanding technical features implemented in a single device. With a standard IO-Link interface, the device is easily integrated into the application, making it versatile and capable of delivering solutions across a wide range of applications.

– Triangulation principle combined with measuring functionality

– Application flexibility – background suppression, background evaluation, background/foreground suppression, hysteresis mode, and window operation in a single device

– Extremely resistant to interference, reliable detection – even dark objects

– Corrosion-resistant aluminum housing with high-quality Delta Seal coating

– Standard IO-Link interface provides automatic parameterization and process monitoring of the entire machine

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