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New economy gear units with helical gearing for automation and robotics

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With the redesign of the ServoFit® PE planetary gear unit, STÖBER is adding special versions for automation and robotics functions to its servo gear unit range. In line with the reputation of the helical gearing specialist, the latest products are also equipped with this system.

With its helical gearing, the ServoFit® PE planetary gear unit represents a first in its product and price category. When compared with the spur gear units previously in standard use, it is clear that the helical gearing ensures very low noise levels and high smoothness of operation. Plus there is the high housing stability provided by the ingenious monobloc construction with integral motor adapter for mounting of standard servo motors.

The issue of noise emissions is attracting increasing interest. For unenclosed machine modules this is a significant advantage because more and more operators are now concerned about limiting emissions.

The market launch of the ServoFit® PE planetary gear unit covers sizes PE2 to PE5, all being available in single and two stage versions up to i = 100. The two stage units also feature the monobloc construction.

Another highlight is the SMS PE_EZ planetary geared motor version. Its no-coupling integrated gear unit and motor construction results in a super compact, quiet running, weight saving automation drive which is “Made in Germany”.


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