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Compact heating control system marks new generation

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Siemens Industry Automation Division expands its offer for heating control systemswith the compact Siplus HCS3200 system. In its rugged, totally enclosed housingwith degree of protection IP65, Siplus HCS3200 is protected against dust and dirtand can therefore also be mounted outside the cabinet near to the heating elements.

The connections for up to nine heating elements in the mid power range upto 4kW and for an external fan are easily accessible at the bottom of the device. Theareas of application for the heating control system are primarily distributed applicationswith a high degree of protection, for example the production of PET bottles, inwhich preforms are heated or the drying of coatings for wheel rims in the automotiveindustry. Siplus HCS3200 marks a new generation of Siemens heating control systems:The new enclosure concept combines all functionalities in a single device andreduces the space requirement compared with a conventional assembly with individualcomponents by 50 percent

Siplus HCS3200 also provides detailed and intelligent diagnostics functions. Thisenables faults in the heating process to be located faster, thus increasing plantavailability. The system is also integrated into the TIA environment and can easilybe integrated into existing automation systems with Siemens components. Configurationcan be performed quickly and simply via STEP 7 or the TIA Portal.

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