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Delta’s New ASDA-M Series: a Three-Axis Intelligent Servo System

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Delta officially launched its new three-axis intelligent servo system, the ASDA-M series for multi-axis motion control applications in November. The ASDA-M series is an innovative servo system that has successfully integrated control, motion and drive into one servo system and is receiving excellent feedback from customers.

The ASDA-M Series includes three ASDA-A2 Series servo drives in one frame and features the built-in functions of a small programmable logic controller (PLC) to provide three-axis motion control. This new 3-in-1 system design allows the ASDA-M Series to connect and control three motors synchronously with only one CPU. The data exchange frequency can reach 16kHz (62.5μs). Plenty of data can be exchanged in real-time among multiple axes during operation without any time delay. This greatly increases synchronous control efficiency, connection speed and response precision. The ASDA-M Series also provides different control modes, such as PTP (position to position), PTV (position to velocity) and PTT (position to torque) to strengthen the performance of gantry control for high-end synchronous control applications.

In addition, with the aid of Delta’s high speed DMCNET communication, the ASDA-M Series acts as a master and is able to extend connection with more than three servo motors and other I/O modules and control the whole system more effectively. In the DMCNET networking structure, the ASDA-M Series is able to connect a Delta Human Machine interface & Controller (HMC Series) and servo motors to offer the best combination of distributed system which is the ideal solution for the robot arms of automated industries. The complicated wiring for a logic controller is eliminated, and the computing load is dispersed and minimized. The ASDA-M Series gives a new definition to servo system and offers a new automation vision for a changing world.

The ASDA-M Series is a highly integrated and cost effective solution which can be widely used on adhesive machines (three-axis synchronous control), dispensing machines (continuous interpolation), winding machines, packaging machines (electronic cam), large laser cutting machines, glasses cutting machines, flat inkjet printers and large electronic inspection equipment (gantry control). The ASDA-M Series goes beyond the typical servo drive and demonstrates a perfect combination of motion controller and servo system, which follows in the footsteps of the successful ASDA Series servo systems and highlights Delta’s expertise in innovation and integration.

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