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New IDEC HS7A non-contact interlock switches

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A leading manufacturer of safety products, with the introduction of two new non-contact magnetic safety switches (HS7A-DMC, HS7A-DMP), IDEC now provides customers even more options. Designed to be used in applications where no contact is desired between the switch and its actuating key, and space is at a premium, common applications for these switches include those where:

– No contaminants can be trapped in or around devices, such as food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

– A precise door guide is not possible.

– There is zero operating force, such as lightweight or Plexiglas doors

– When there are alignment issues with the switch and actuating keys

– Doors are subject to heavy vibration

– A standard mechanical safety interlock switch would be more difficult to clean, such as a wash down application

– Compact Magnetic Safety Switches (HS7A-DMC Series)

At just 7 x 16 x 51 (mm), the HS7A-DMC safety switches work well in combination with our safety relay modules, making them the smallest Category 4 device in the market.

3-contact Magnetic Safety Switches (HS7A-DMP Series)

The HS7A-DMP interlock safety switches have up to three contacts and provide a high-quality, space-saving product at a competitive price. The auxiliary contacts enable PLCs to monitor the door status as operation signals can be read directly by controllers. For additional information and complete specifications, call IDEC at 1-800-262-IDEC (4332) or visit us online at

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